What Are the Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager in Ohio?

What Are the Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Many modern teenagers strive to earn money for personal needs on their own instead of asking their parents for it. Some adults do not take this well, because they believe that it is too early to work at that age. According to experts, if a teen wants to earn extra money, he or she should be supported. So how can you make money as a teenager in Ohio? Learn from this article.

Working as a courier

Many companies are willing to hire couriers aged 14-18. This is a great way to make money as a teenager. Payment does not depend on the age of the employee. The most important thing is that he or she does quality work. In addition, you can work in your free time, for example, in the afternoon or work exclusively during the holidays. For example, there are a lot of simple seasonal jobs in the summer.

Errand service

In today’s world, time is a very valuable resource, so many people do not want to spend it on cooking, grocery shopping and other household trifles. To save time, they are looking for assistants who will carry out small assignments for a fee. This is a great way to quickly earn money as a teenager. You can find clients among your friends or neighbors. Over time, as the business expands, advertise in the newspaper. Surely there are people who are willing to pay to save their time. Alternatively, a teenager can easily walk pets, take out the trash, deliver groceries from the store, etc.

Social media consultant

Teenagers spend a lot of time online these days. If you are thinking about how to make money at home as a teenager in Ohio, try to make a business on your hobbies. Many entrepreneurs open their own websites. Some of them promote their products or services on social media. Young people who navigate this information space can help them with this for a fee.

Computer skills lessons

Schoolchildren often ask the question, how can a teenager make money? Everything is very simple. As mentioned above, young people spend a lot of time at the computer. Accordingly, teenagers have excellent computer skills. Many adults, and especially retirees who want to learn how to use a PC, are willing to pay for lessons. You can easily get the first profit from this. If you are persistent and purposeful, maybe sooner or later you will open a virtual training center that will bring a decent income.

Baby sitter

Looking for a way to quickly earn money as a teenager? Try to get a job as a baby sitter. Maybe your friends or relatives need this help. This activity is very popular in the USA. This is especially true for those young people who love children and are ready to spend their free time with them. Families without grandparents often need babysitting services. Sometimes young parents want to go on a visit or to the cinema, but they are forced to refuse this because there is no one to leave the baby with. You can entertain the neighborhood kids 2-3 times a week and get paid for it.

Dog walking

Want to know how to make money as a 14-year-old teenager? Here is a business idea that is very popular among American students. Ask your parents to call their friends who have dogs and offer them dog walking services. You will not believe, but many people who have pets do not like to walk with them on the street. Dog walkers charge an average of $0.50 to $1.00 per minute which means an average 20-minute walk will cost $10 to $20, while a longer 30-minute walk will run $15 to $30. This way of earning is great for teenagers.


The easiest way for a 15-year-old teenager to make money is to put up ads or distribute leaflets. This is a simple job that does not require much physical effort or any special abilities. This is a very real way for those who want to have their own pocket money. This type of earnings is also suitable for those young people who are interested in how to make money for a teenager in Ohio while studying. You can get a good salary for this.

Handmade crafts

The easiest way to make money for a 15-year-old teenager is handmade crafts. Some people believe that this is a waste of time and effort since handmade products are almost impossible to sell. But they are wrong. Author’s works are very popular on the Internet, especially on foreign sites. In addition, they can be sold on social networks or rented in bulk to a gift shop. This way of earning is perfect not only for schoolchildren but also for young mothers who are thinking about how to make money at home without investment. If you know how to make beaded bracelets, various hair clips, decorative candles, and more, feel free to open your own small business. There will always be buyers for your products.

Home greenhouse

Considering different ways to make money for a 13-year-old teenager, it is worth noting another simple and affordable option – breeding indoor plants. This occupation does not take much time and effort and at the same time, brings a good income. A home greenhouse can be organized by both a girl and a boy. By the way, this is a good option for adults who are looking for a way to make money while sitting at home with their own hands. Take a few small shoots of decorative flowers, plant them in beautiful pots and grow them until they get a “presentation”. After that, the plants can be handed over to a flower shop and get a good profit for them.

Physical labor

This is not the best way to make money for a 16-year-old teenager, but despite this, physically strong guys who are not afraid of hard work go to work as loaders and get a good salary for this. Such an activity usually does not take much time. To make money, it is enough to spend 3-4 hours a day.

Let’s see, for what purposes do teenagers may need money? They can be very different:

  • Buying a new gadget;
  • Desire to become independent from parents;
  • Help for the family and more.

Another affordable way of earning money for schoolchildren is all possible assistance in doing household chores to wealthy people. You can offer the owners of an elite house to take care of the green lawn, clean up the garbage or water the flower beds. Such work usually pays good money. If you find several clients, you can get a decent monthly income.

Selling goods from China

Young people who are looking for ways to make money for teenagers can start reselling goods from Chinese online stores. Before going into such a business, you should find out what to sell to make money and what products are in the greatest demand. You can find such information on the Internet or conduct small surveys among friends and acquaintances for this. After that, you can start buying goods and selling them. To do this, you need to create your own online store. If you do not know how to create such a resource, seek help from specialists.

Fast food establishments

A waiter is a very demanded and highly paid job. Indeed, you can get good money for such work. In addition, smart workers, in addition to their salaries, also receive tips from customers. If you are thinking about how to earn pocket money for a teenager, you can try to get a job as a waiter in a fast food establishment. Managers of such enterprises often employ teens on a part-time basis.

Labor camps

This is the most enjoyable way to make money as a 12-year-old teenager. Rest in such camps can be combined with work. In the first half of the day, children are engaged in washing dishes, cleaning the territory and beaches, and they can devote the rest of the time to relaxation and entertainment.


A teenager who wants to find a way to make money in Ohio can try his hand at being a promoter. Many companies employ young people who invite customers to supermarkets or advertise certain products. Promoters often wear special costumes. You can get a good reward for such simple work.

It does not matter for what purpose teenagers need to make money. The main thing is to pay special attention to the fact that your child regularly attends school and does homework. Do not forget to also praise the teenager for his/her achievements and support with useful advice.

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