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How To Pay for Your Education If You Don’t Have Money

One of the main obstacles that stands in the way of those wishing to study in the USA is the high cost of education. On average, a bachelor’s degree in the US costs $8,000-18,000, but many colleges can cost you up to $30,000 a year. However, you can try your luck by contacting American foundations that are ready to issue scholarships or grants to foreign students and graduate students. According […]

What Are the Best Ways to Make Money as a Teenager in Ohio?

Many modern teenagers strive to earn money for personal needs on their own instead of asking their parents for it. Some adults do not take this well, because they believe that it is too early to work at that age. According to experts, if a teen wants to earn extra money, he or she should be supported. So how can you make money as a teenager in Ohio? Learn from […]